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30 Nov
Prefer Antimicrobial Coating To Protect Your Enterprise

Many people have become aware that our daily products can be affected by microbes...

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17 may
How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

Which room should you paint first? What should you leave for last? Find out how..

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18 may
4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home a Facelift

Paint one or all of these four areas to instantly spiff up your home...

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19 may
Cradle to Cradle Certification

Rise has written previously about zero waste for our homes. Integral to "zero waste" is the concept of a product's entire life cycle...

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20 may
Graphenstone solution for the healthcare sector.

Lime-based Graphenstone paints reduce air pollution and improve air quality. It absor...

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21 may
Ocean Blue, color of year 2021

Color Palette Has All the Tranquil Shades You Need for a Peaceful Year. Blue colours gives a soothing and smooth atmosphere...

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