How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

Painting the interior and exterior of your commercial and residential space is a huge task. Apart from taking care of the furniture while moving, you need to protect your flooring. You need to have a strategic plan to have good idea about painting the entire house.

As a home owner, you are also responsible for choosing paints that are not harmful and carry less toxic elements.

Know The Reason Why You Are Painting?

You need to know whether you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. But, first, you must find the purpose behind painting the wall or any room part.

For instance, if you want to put your home on sale, paint the rooms that can bring the biggest impact. You will consider the paint of your entryway, living room, master bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. Moreover, you may consider the impact of paint project that will carry on your day-to-day living.

Pinnacle paints suggest you to go along with an elaborative strategy that suits the purpose of the general consumer.

Paint It First, To Prioritize Your Sleep

Instead of painting other sets of rooms, it is necessary for you to paint your bedroom first so that there is no obstruction to your sleep. As it allow you to place your furniture back in place. While you paint your master bedroom, you can easily stay back in it. Emitting low VOC fumes and containing zero carcinogen, make them more acceptable and will allow you to stay back.

Paint It Early To Not Restrict Your Meal

Whenever the kitchen gets painted, it limits one from cooking and having daily meals with their family. So, take-out food can become expensive and depend on the time to paint the kitchen.

  • Simply select the day to eat all meals out. You can also rely on ready-to-serve meals such as cereals and sandwiches.
  • You may have the microwave and refrigerator in any other house area.
  • During painting, you can eat meals in the dining room.
Living Room
Paint Where You Live

If painting your living room requires more time, then there is the need for a large room that requires furniture and other items to get removed. So, it would be advisable not to start with this room.

This room generally takes a long time to get finished. Therefore, one needs to prepare accordingly. The living room is the kind of huge space, so one can quickly shift furniture to the other rooms. It is the room that can make the painting process seamless.

Laundry Room
Don’t Forget To Paint It Too

Being the small-sized room, you can also take up the laundry room. The painting job required for this room doesn’t take enough time and can be completed even in a day. Not being in a high-priority room doesn’t let one worry about it. All you need is to make sure that you put all your used clothes in a separate room.

So, if you know have the strategic plan about how you can prioritize rooms for painting, then it shall become easy for you to complete it.