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Graphenstone is an initiative started by a chemical engineer, Antonio León Jiménez, whose idea was to develop a natural, ecological, health-conscious coating solution. Graphenstone has been developed to create the most innovative and groundbreaking natural paints and mortars using lime from the highest quality local sources.

The lime base is created by using a 100% natural and environmentally friendly production cycle.

The lime used by graphene stone is made in wood-burning kilns, which produces a high degree of whiteness and purity.

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Graphenstone innovation combines artisanal lime and graphene technology for the ultimate ecological natural coatings and paints in the world. This perfect mix allows for excellent performance and covering properties, increased flexibility and thermal conductivity.


Graphenstone uses this technology to achieve more efficient materials that meet the requirements of today's highly demanding market while keeping its commitment to using more sustainable manufacturing methods.

Graphenstone is motivated to provide a range of ecological methods to its customers.

Graphenstone uses natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. It is a zero voc paint and is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance, recommended for indoor enclosures, hospitals, nurseries, retirement homes, hotels, environments, or rooms for infants and children.


The paints have many health benefits and limit pathogens derived from sick building syndrome (SBS), preventing mold growth, fungi, and bacteria. The No VOC paint guarantee safe domestic environments and ultimately increases the comfort and quality of life.


Zero VOCs Volatile organic compounds


Zero Carcinogens

  • Safe for people Safe for people
  • Safe for pets Safe for pets
  • Safe for the earth Safe for Environment

PRODUCTS Standard Finishes

Graphenestone offers a wide range of quality product options
that perfectly fulfill your needs.


PRODUCTS Earth Collection:


COLOR CARDS Know about colors

Redefine your home with colors and make it a comfortable retreat. Explore this year’s diverse color palette, specifically designed for mixing and matching, thus creating a soothing haven. Graphenstone products satisfy the criteria for the most authentic and widely recognized sustainable building certifications like LEED Certified® and BREEAM®. In addition, Graphenstone has received accolades and certifications from several recognized organizations across the globe.


Note: For Biosphere and Ecosphere lime-based paints, see Soft Selection color card.

Can’t find the perfect color? Contact Pinnacle’s team for custom color matching services


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RESOURCES Our catalogs

The use of Graphenstone products contribute to the fulfillment of different criteria of the most recognised sustainable building certifications worldwide such as LEED Certified® and BREEAM®. Graphenstone has been awarded certifications from multiple well-respected organizations across the globe.


AWARDS Innovation, Sustainability, Architecture & Construction

The recognition of Graphenstone’s work has been awarded around the world in categories such as:
Quality, Innovation, Construction, Environment or Product Design.

business quality
Business Quality

European Association of Economy & Competitiveness. Spain – Dec. 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility

Andalucía Management Awards. Spain – Nov. 2018

Niche company of the year

ACQ5 Global Awards. UK – Jun. 2018

Germany Trade & Invest Award for International Expansion

European Business Awards. Belgium – Apr. 2018

Product Design, Commercial and Industrial

London Design Awards. UK – Nov. 2017

Gold Star to Professional Excellence

Andalucía Excelente Awards. Spain – Nov. 2017

The Best Sustainable Element

Best Sustainable Product Award. Denmark – Oct. 2017

Innovative Construction Solution of Spain

Technology Awards – La Razón. Spain – Nov. 2017

Environmental Commitment

Andalucía Excelente Awards. Spain – Oct. 2017

Innovation and Sustainability in Construction

Beyond Building Construmat. Spain – May. 2015

Innovation Product

Green Interior Awards. Australia – Jul. 2017

Business Quality
Architecture and Construction

IX/XI NAN Awards. Spain – Nov. 2015 y 2017