FAQ Have Any Questions?

  • How much paint should I be buying?

    Typically, a gallon of paint will cover approximately 325-400 square feet per gallon. A standard 10x14 bedroom will yield 2 gallons. If you’re painting over brick and/or heavily textured walls it’s best practice to buy a third gallon. This will usually get two coats of paint over the walls to ensure proper coverage and no missed spots.

  • Oil or Latex?

    Trim, doors, cabinets, siding, and furniture will be better off with an oil-based paint to ensure maximum durability and better finish. It’s much easier to get a fine finish out of an oil-based paint (alkyd). Whereas a water-based paint (acrylic/latex) is more commonly used for walls where ease of application and coverage are paramount for bigger spaces. Water-based paints also have the added benefit of being 0 VOC and low to no odor. Making it ideal to those who are sensitive to strong odors or if newborns and fury friends are in the house.

  • Primer. Do I need it?

    Repainting walls a similar color will often not need a primer to cover; however, when painting over a dark color or heavily textured walls it’s good practice to prime before painting. Priming give your paint a good surface to adhere to and to help minimize the number of gallons needed to cover the surface. It’s often safe to grab about half the amount of primer as you would paint.

  • Have extra paint?

    Store somewhere with air conditioning. Paint will last longer under the sink tucked away in the back compared to somewhere in a garage where films and resins can separate. Make it a point to have the gallon shaken at a paint store once a year if you plan to use it for touch up. Otherwise, donating the paint is the best way to go. Do not ever dump or throw away paint as it can have harmful consequences to our environment if not done properly.

  • How do I go about choosing a color?

    The most challenging part of any paint project is deciding which color to choose as the options are plentiful and overwhelming. Gain inspiration online or even color books that are inside of paint stores. Take color cards home and put them next to furniture and existing decorations to see what would look nice. Once narrowed down to three at the most, go to your paint store and pick up some sample quarts. Paint multiple different places of the house with different lighting situations. Lighting whether it be natural or artificial, it will change the way the color appears. It will not look exactly like you saw it at the paint store. We recommend living with the samples around the house for a few days to see would you’d prefer to live with. This process will help making color selection less stressful.

  • Ask your paint store what other supplies you’ll need.

    The last thing we want are surprises when we go to check out finding out we need supplies like the correct brushes, tape, drop clothes, plastic, etc. This can hike up the price of the bill at checkout and can be a surprise. Find out how much you’ll be spending when picking up your color samples at the store so you can appropriately budget your project.

  • Take the appropriate amount of time.

    Take a day or so to move furniture or any other items covering walls to make it easy the day you decide to paint. Depending on the room, it may take more time prepping the space than the actual painting. Spend some time masking off trim, covering furniture, and moving pieces out of the way. It’s best to paint the day after all of this is done.

  • Why choose an anti-viral paint?

    Anti-bacterial and anti-viral paints offer an array of benefits that help sustain good health practices. One of the best places to use a coating like this is a nursery. We care deeply about our newborns; therefore, creating a space that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens can help us offer the best and safest space for our new loved ones. Coatings like these are also practical in spaces where remaining sterile is of upmost importance, such as an operating room.

  • Why organic paints?

    Graphenstone is one of the only paints in the world that offers a solution to harmful paint manufacturing and disposal by using organic materials and sustainable practices. Recycled material makes up the container of your paint. Making it the most carbon friendly coatings on the planet. There’s more harm to the environment shipping the paint to the United States than there is making it; an impressive feature only to be found in Graphenstone paints.

  • How Can You Guarantee The Paint Match Will Be To Our Satisfaction?

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  • After A Color Match Is Made, How Long Will It Take My Order To Ship?

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  • How Long Does The Custom Color Matching Process Take?

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  • Why Is There A Minimum Order Size Requirement For Custom Color Matching?

    The processing time depends on the complexity of the color. The average time of the process is 2-3 working days. In case of any delay, we contact you to discuss the possible options.